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Installation and maintenance of gas balloon equipment

One of the most developing areas of the alternative fuel market in the Republic of Kazakhstan is the use of liquefied petroleum gas as a motor fuel.

Our company as a member of the “Beibars” group of companies offers a full range of services for the implementation of technologies for the use of liquefied gas as fuel for cars. Our company is the only in the scope from the installation of special equipment on vehicles in the network of our own accredited service stations, to the refueling with high-quality fuel from reputable manufacturers.

Installation and maintenance of gas equipment is one of the main direction activities of our company. Regardless of how high-quality LPG you purchase, your money and efforts may be wasted if the installation of the system is performed by inexperienced specialists. Just only one small inaccuracy or flaw can ultimately lead to disastrous consequences. Therefore, the installation of gas equipment on a car should be trusted only to real professionals who can do everything flawlessly.

We install GBE “DIDGITRONIC”, “LOVATO”, “OMVL”, “TAMONA”, “MILANO”, “ATIKER”, “BRC”, and give a long-term warranty for the installed systems because we are confident in the reliability of this equipment. Installation of low-quality LPG equipment will result in not only a decline in our reputation, but also high costs for subsequent maintenance and repair.

Our services:

  • Installation of gas equipment on any type of car with the ability to trip to the regions
  • Repair and qualified service of LPG equipment of any type.
  • Maintenance of gas equipment, adjustment. This service is relevant even in cases where the installation of the system was performed in third-party organizations.
  • Installation of a certified LPG of really original high quality, which will ensure stable engine operation on liquefied fuel.
  • There is possibility to install LPG equipment with a trip to the territory of the customer’s bases, vehicle fleets.
  • Provision of services through a network of regional service stations in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Efficient repair of equipment during the warranty period.

Permissive documents

The main elements of the gas equipment installation

LPG installation options

At your request, we can also cover the cylinder with a Carpet to match the color of the car’s interior, or install a box covered with a Carpet, in which the cylinder will be hidden.

Our mission

Preservation of nature for future generations. Careful respect for energy resources.


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