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Heating the premises with a gas boiler using liquefied gas

First, let’s find alternatives to gas heating. There are several options here – liquid fuel, expensive but very comfortable, firewood, coal – horror it’s not convenient, electricity is safe, environmentally friendly, but expensive. And, there is also liquefied gas – relatively inexpensive, very comfortable, convenient, safe and environmentally friendly.

Surely everyone knows that the most efficient and economical autonomous heating systems run on natural gas. In some cases, it is not possible to connect equipment to a centralized gas distribution network. In this case, some consumers choose other heating systems, for example, solid or liquid fuel boilers. But all of them turn out to be less efficient and more expensive compared to heating boilers for liquefied gas, which are not inferior in their performance to conventional gas boilers. Importantly, such heating devices do not require a mandatory connection to the gas network, but they work from industrial or domestic gas cylinders.

Today, the range of boilers for liquefied gas allows them to be used for facilities of all sizes, from individual country houses to residential and industrial complexes.

For the installation of LPG heating system, it is necessary to install the appropriate equipment – gas boilers on liquefied fuel.

Natural gas is one of the most demanded fuels today. If it is not possible to connect to the gas main, then you will not have problems with space heating and water heating. In this case, liquefied gas can be the best assistant for you.

Recently, liquefied gas has begun to gain popularity, which also has certain advantages:

  • high energy intensity – gas, which is filled into an industrial vessel, is reduced when liquefied in volume by about 600 times in comparison with conventional natural gas, while maintaining a similar energy intensity
  • convenient transportation
  • in the process of liquefaction, it is cleared of any impurities
  • it is sold at reasonable prices.

It is easy to buy liquefied petroleum gas at any gas network organization

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