Our mission is to preserve nature for future generations


The Beibars Gas Holding was founded in 1995 and since that time has grown to the largest network in Kazakhstan with branches in 8 regions and more than 400 gas stations. The main directions of the Company’s gas industry are a network of gas filling stations, delivery of liquefied gas in cylinders to the population and business, gasification of residential and commercial facilities, installation of LPG equipment on vehicles, supply and installation of equipment, heating a large number of facilities with gas, emergency service.

The Company has a significant material and technical base, which includes a network of gas filling stations in 8 regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in such cities as Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Shymkent, Kyzylorda, Taraz, Uralsk, Petropavlovsk and Karaganda. Among them the most promising are the city of Almaty with a storage capacity of over 2000 tons of liquefied gas, the city of Nur-Sultan – up to 4000 tons and the city of Shymkent – over 1500 tons.

The Beiybars Gas Holding is a group of companies operating in various sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan, while the activities of the group of companies are based on the principles of social responsibility, compliance with international standards in the field of industrial and environmental safety. The company owns office and production facilities, a large specialized fleet of machines. All objects and facilities are technically equipped with appropriate equipment and mechanisms.

One of the factors of successful business is the system of distribution of business directions and joint activities between the members of the group of companies, independent of third parties. The whole cycle of our work, as well as the continuous provision of services, is guaranteed by our business partners and includes: Supply of equipment, customs clearance, design and construction of facilities, supply of liquefied gas, transportation of gas in specialized wagons and its temporary storage. All stages of the process are accompanied by a consulting agency and our own security structure.

One of the subsidiaries, part of the Beibars & K group of companies, is dynamically developing in the market of the city of Nur-Sultan and the Akmola region. Today it is the largest retail operator providing 68,000 apartments in the city of Nur-Sultan with blue fuel. It has its own gas distribution units in the amount of 342, with 1400 underground storage tanks for LPG in the amount of 7000 m3.

We offer you the supply of gas produced by Tengiz Shevroil LLP and CNPC-Aktobemunaigas. Gas composition (propane-butane) depending on the technological cycle of production and seasonality of the year, i.e. it is possible to supply liquefied gas of any composition

Gas Filling Stations, Car Gas Filling Station, Special Machinery, Maintenance Station

A network of our own Automobile gas filling stations and portable monoblocks for LPG

In recent years, vehicles have been the main air pollutant in Kazakhstan. Emissions from its operation have already exceeded 60% of gross emissions in the republic and continue to increase, as does the number of cars. Therefore, the main activity of our company is to reduce the toxicity of exhaust gases by transferring vehicles to more environmentally friendly gas fuel. Also, for the convenience of our customers, there are mini-marts on our gas stations where you can buy drinks, juices, chips, etc. on your travel.

Tanks for ground storage of LPG with a volume of 5 m3 are used to store the propane-butane under pressure. The container is made in the form of a horizontal cylinder, is closed at both ends with convex bottoms, has a special paint coating that prevents corrosion of the container

Gas dispensers «PETROLPG»

Operators and employees of gas stations can now see in real time how fuel flows inside the station and control the refueling process taking into account temperature and density. At the same time, on the display of the dispenser, our clients will see the cost of one liter and one kilogram of gas, as well as the total amount to be paid. The rest of the data on the fuel state (density, temperature, and weight in kilograms) are in the counting unit of the filling station and, if necessary, are easily obtained by the operator.

Our mission

Preservation of nature for future generations. Careful respect for energy resources.


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