Our mission is to preserve nature for future generations

Supplementary Services

In order to provide newly built houses and cottages with blue fuel, the Beibars company specializes in the installation and assembly of gas holders for autonomous heating of houses, as well as gas filling modules for refueling cars and special equipment.

Currently, the company has over 400 auto gas filling stations (AGFS) in Kazakhstan with modern equipment from FAS (Germany) and EUROPUMP (Turkey) with a high precision gas filling mechanism.

Our employees have extensive experience in working with all types of modular and LPG equipment, and therefore you can be sure that the installed equipment will be performed strictly in accordance with the technical conditions and standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in compliance with the manufacturers’ recommendations.

A staff of experienced professionals ensures the correct installation and assemble of the equipment. The latter is very important, because your safety depends on how carefully the work is done that corresponds to the principles of high quality.

To improve their qualifications, our specialists periodically go to seminars and training in Turkey and Germany. Our petrol stations have a high quality set of equipment from Germany

Emergency service

The service carries out activities aimed at the safe operation and maintenance in a technically sound condition of gas equipment used in the sale of liquefied gas (group tank installation, an external gas pipeline from the GTI to cocks at the inputs to residential buildings) and the provision of emergency dispatch services to the population.

We serve 360 ​​group tank installations (GTI) with 1,400 underground tanks for the storage of liquefied petroleum gases (LPG).


State regulation: In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on natural monopolies, “Astana Gas Kyzmet” LLP is included in the local section of the State Register of Natural Monopolies in Astana city.

“Astana Gas Kyzmet” LLP includes two specialized services:

1. Emergency Service:

The duties of the “104” service are prevention, elimination of emergencies and maintenance of gas tanks and gas holders. The service is organized around the clock.

The dispatcher accepts requests by phone number 104, determines the nature of the request and transfers it to the duty team, which performs all types of emergency work on underground, aboveground gas pipelines, in-house gas pipelines and gas equipment, capacitive gas installations.

The emergency service is equipped with two special vehicles serving 2 districts of the city.

2. Service for the operation of gas equipment:

The work of the service is aimed at maintaining in a technically sound condition and safe operation of the city’s external gas pipelines and gas control installations.

It is engaged in maintenance, repair of external gas networks and group tank installations, testing and adjusting safety valves, repair and revision of stop valves. It conducts control scheduled pressure testing of external gas pipelines, vessels of group underground installations, in accordance with the approved schedules.

Our mission

Preservation of nature for future generations. Careful respect for energy resources.


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